How We're Bringing Transparency to Legal Careers: Announcing Move Tracker

When we set out to build Laterally several years ago, I was struck by how little information was available to law firm associates about future career opportunities.  It was only when looking to leave their firm that an associate might talk to a headhunter about career options -- and receive advice based largely on anecdotes and personal observation, but rarely on objective data. We committed then to use technology to bring data and transparency to legal hiring. Today, we're excited to announce the launch of an important new product in service of this goal: Move Tracker.

Move Tracker charts on the departure destinations and tenures of law firm associates.

Move Tracker charts on the departure destinations and tenures of law firm associates.

Move Tracker is the first data product to show what opportunities await associates after they join a top law firm: whether its going in-house, into government, to other law firms, or to a career outside the law. Built from job-move data of 50,000+ associates at 150+ firms since 2010, Move Tracker is a powerful tool for comparing the career outcomes of law firm associates.

With Move Tracker, we now have answers to questions like:

  • Which firms give associates the best chance of landing a job at Goldman Sachs or Facebook? Or the U.S. Attorney's Office?
  • Which firms experience the most (and least) attrition of associates to other firms?
  • Which firms are the most selective in lateral hiring?

With Move Tracker, lawyers can compare law firms side by side on a range of hiring and retention statistics, or dive into the job moves of individual lawyers. Filters allow you to pinpoint moves that involve particular firms, locations, practice areas, and levels of experience, so that lawyers can compare themselves to their peers with similar backgrounds.

We envisioned Move Tracker as an essential tool in legal career planning, and it is already having an impact on associates’ career decisions. We offered an early version of Move Tracker to attorneys on Laterally who were considering career moves, and the results were literally career-altering. One associate used Move Tracker to figure out that she didn’t have to relocate in order to get a job at Google. Another associate, who had received multiple lateral job offers, chose his next firm after studying which one gave him the best shot at an in-house position in Boston. And another candidate with multiple offers in DC used Move Tracker to determine which litigation group would give him the best opportunity to join the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Move Tracker is also available to law students, who can use it to see which firms have the most loyal associates, and which firms give associates the best opportunities to lateral, go in-house, or into government down the road.

Creating and maintaining Move Tracker's data is a major effort, involving automated data collection technology and dozens of human reviewers. The data is collected from law firm websites, social media, state bar records, and other online sources and contains move data on approximately 85% of associates at top law firms going back to 2010, and over 95% of associates since 2016.

Currently, access to Move Tracker is limited to practicing lawyers and current students at select law schools. Check it out on

Lawyers can view the individual moves of lawyers at 150+ firms.

Lawyers can view the individual moves of lawyers at 150+ firms.